Bantu blockchain is great

This is amazing I love it. Can’t wait to see what else will be deployed on its blockchain


Thank you for understanding the value of the Bantu Blockchain Infrastructure. Such as the bantu pay user friendliness, accessibility, distribution, demand, utility etc. Stay tunned to learn more about what we do and understand why it is important for the world. The team is constantly working around the clock with the amazing involvement and contributions of the community here, to ensure we have the strongest network and build on the best ecosystem thats ever existed.
We haven’t even scratched the surface of whats in store yet, so stick around and you will not be disappointed you did
Bantu… Here to empower humanity

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Hi dont recive ani 0.000000001 coin from beginning when was join… im doing swamps , lol havent got no one to can send bnt … Did You was think about? Im all ready 7 weeks in…

That way was stop doing swamps, and my activity going down what for if was just waste time …

Hello @majki the picture you attached here displays that you receive free XBN for when you register.

@majki if you are referring to the second photo on the “Earnings” pages … firstly, scroll up, it seems you have not added a referrer to earn free 100BNR

Secondly the activity meter for week 7 is not going down… it only increases as you complete the tasks. It seems you have ONLY been doing “swaps”. Inorder to reach a 100% to earn weekly rewards… the task requires minimum of both 5 Sends and 5 Swap transactions (minimum of 1 transaction per day)

Feel free to join us on Telegram @BantuRewards group to learn more on how to earn