Bantutalk reward

Hurray!!! :tada::dancer::dancer: I have received 15XBN for BantuTalk ID validation.
Thank youBantu :muscle:


@enella Tell family and friends to download Bantupay so they can get that too.


Pls how did you set your username biko

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Copy and paste your username here on your bantu pay app

@Kaypounds09 My Bantutalk username was edited by one of the admins, to reflect it in lowercase (small letters). After that I edited my Bantutalk username in my profile via the BantuPay app. Go to your profile click on edit. Click on Bantutalk username and update the name. All should be in lowercase. Don’t put @ to the name.
Then proceed to the telegram BantuBot and follow the instructions for updating/validating your username.
Just be patient it will surely reflect, I can testify. It took me longer time to validate. But you may be lucky to get it done immediately.
The Bot is working perfectly fine.


No problem @kaypounds09 let me give you a hand w this :handshake:

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Thanks dear, I really appreciate you your quick response real set me free

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What are the task for me to perform so that’s I can be receiving it everyday or it’s just once

@kaypounds09 You should join

And participate in all the activities to get more rewards as well.