Did not get xbn in wallet

I did and completed telegram Bot task almos 48hours ago. But did not received xbn in my bantupay wallet. When I will get it? My telegram bot user id : 1541246652 wallet username : alom1245.

:bank:Wallet Info​:bank:

Your UserID is 1541246652
Total Earned XBN: 62.0
Total Referrals: 3
Referrals with BantuPay Address: 3
Referrals with Bittrex Referral Code: 0
Total Rewarded XBN: 0.0
Total Pending XBN: 18.0
Ranking: N/A.
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@alom1245 Your BantuPayBot balance will be deposited into your BantuPayApp username wallet address automatically once your information and friend referral info submission is validated.