Did you know…
Bantu Funfact
A mnemonic seed/ Secret key is used to recover a lost, seized, or destroyed wallet.
BantuPay wallet is non-custodial… This is why you have to BACKUP the SECRET KEY and that’s the only time you will see that madness of complex blockchain keys.

For your perusal, please check the below link:



Did you know…
The Bantu Blockchain is an open source, where developers can come and build upon it.
That is to say, Bantu Blockchain is an infrastructure that is built to enable other organizations build solutions.

Did you know…
Bantu Blockchain empowers underserved end users, freelancers, entrepreneurs, Fintech/Blockchain Developers, network validators, funders, SMEs & enterprises, corporations Public & Private Government and other Organizations. In short Bantu Blockchain is to give everyone access to plug and play, easy to use blockchain infrastructure to augment their industry.
Bantu Blockchain is for humanity. Everyone will be able to develop and deploy assets, create tokens as easily as pressing a couple of buttons.

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