How do I increase my asset

With the successful launch of the Bantu blockchain, how can I increase my assets in the block chain

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  1. Earn BNR tokens through spreading the word of Bantu & Referrals of your friends who sign up for BantuPay.

  2. Earning weekly rewards by carrying out a minimum of 1 send transaction and 1 swap transaction daily between Sunday to Saturday. (your transaction count in a week will be a minimum of 10 transactions in order to qualify for the weekly reward)

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Must it be on a daily basis? Can I just do ten transactions in a day within the week and then qualify for the weekly rewards ? Please I need clarification thank you.

You can do all the required tasks within a day as well as daily.

Daily transactions allow we the users, test the Bantu blockchain network every day and help give feedback to the Bantu Team to make it better for us all.