I can't link my bantupay with my bantutalk

I’ve been trying to link my bantupay with my bantutalk account, please help


@MegaMindz Go to your Bantupay wallet settings → profile and add your bantutalk username in small letters.

Go to your @bantupaybot on telegram, follow the prompts and fill in the details. Make sure all your inputs are all in small letters.


I’m also unable to link my BTalk username, I tried both lower and upper caps but it still fails

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Wow, okay let me try it.thanks

What error message did you encounter?

Finally, it worked, thanks.

But how do I withdraw from my telegram to my app wallet

Working now., Thanks alot

The rewards are sent to your Bantupay wallet automatically in batches after your submitted details have been validated.

Hello @bkaryanto

Are you facing any challenges with the app?

The username you have entered is not linked to your BantuPay Account, Please link it to verify your account.
Press /SetBantuTalkUsername again.

You can also join the bantu community on telegram. They have a channel that explains the process of carrying out tasks like that. The link is @bantuHowtodo