New wallet problem

Hello, my accound mehmetsonmez03 . I wonder why all xbn’s in my old version cuzdan program did not switch to the new program. Infuse transfer my xbn coin new wallet

@mehmetsonmez03 If I understood your question, here is an answer,
In your old app, secure and backup your wallet. Then on the new app, select import wallet and write the key which you secured on the old app.

On the other side, if you have done that already, the XBN and BNR amount you will see are exactly the activation bonus in XBN which is about 1424XBN or so, and the total BNR amount you worked during the weekly tasks for test app.
If you acquired more XBN or BNR either ignorantly or so, it is not the fault of Bantu. If you bought with your money during the testing stage, Bantu does not recognize such transaction, because it categorically and clearly announced that XBN and BNR are not for sale. Even now that it’s on mainnet.
The new app did a reset and each user has what is due to him/her.
I hope this was helpful.
You can feel free to post screenshots of the issue for the @admins to see and help out.