Nigeria is launching its own Digital currency (eNaira) come October 1st. Brace up, Learn it and Use it

Where did you get the gist bro?

The CBN has gone ahead to name Friday, October 1, 2021, as its launch date for the e-Naira and also taken a further step by selecting a Barbados-based fintech firm, Bitt Inc. as its technical partner in developing its CBDC.

In all these, there have been questions around the CBN’s choice of Bitt Inc. as its technical partner. However, a closer look at InterStellar, the company that came second in the bid shows that it understands Africa better and most importantly, is the organisation behind Bantu, a public blockchain infrastructure, which is the first of its kind on the continent.


Tell us the source of your gist bro

The eNaira will create a lot of new businesses and new jobs in the crypto space. CBN is unknowingly helping to build the Crypto Economy Space. This is the truth of the matter. I am very clear about the complexities and what will happen. /

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Can bantu pay wallet be configured to accept the eNaira? If this can be done ,it will be a great leap forward for #Bantu Blockchain Foundation :+1:

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I think that would probably be done because it is a stable coin just like USD

Same Naira.More Possibilities.

BantuPay can do alot of amazing things and its UX continues to improve everytime.

Stay tuned for what Bantu Blockchain & its Industry partners such as Sterling, Interstellar & the likes has in store with eNaira & various other curated assets & StableCoins


Saw it coming :joy_cat::joy_cat:

they cited enough reason… Naija my country

And here comes October 1st. Great Nation, Great Vision And Ofcourse, Bantu All The Way Up…:man_cartwheeling:t5::man_dancing:t4::dancer:

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I can’t stop laughing :rofl:

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Omor :blush:. How can you stop laughing with Bantu Spirit all over you? @stepharnite :grin:

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It’s The Role For Me😁

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