Unable to transact

Please admin, kindly help me on this. i have been trying to resend the transaction but immediately i click send, it will just be rolling and will not send.


Same here. Since I updated the app to the latest one, no transaction goes. It keeps on loading indefinitely. Admin check…


So sorry for this experience. Please a new version will be out shortly that will permanently fix this and other bugs picked by users. Thanks.

OK THANKS. How soon will that be?

My own worst ooo I don’t understand what is happening. There is an error message each time I want to send or swap

@Unicblac are you experiencing this on the new update V34 ?

Why is it so hard to fund this app or even to use it. Im ashamed that its even associated with Africa.

Take it easy guy… a lot of effort went into this great project. All that issues seem to have been resolved.

Please what issue(s) are you having now?

Thank you for a great project. My problem is that my telegram bantupay bot does not verify my name. It says invalid… i tried doing it from bantupay app and it says the same.

U tried to fund. And all your exchange apps are a nightmare. Timbaktu is the worst.

Other than that. I want to invest in this initiative because im bantu.

Please send me ur TG handle, let me work with you to resolve this. Thanks.

Whats GT handle.
Lack of understanding of the term. Please bear with me.

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Telegram handle.

Just to ask some questions as we try to resolve your issue.

I dont understand . Explain please

He meant your telegram username

Its vhenyo is my telegram username my bantupay username is vhenyo and my bantutalk username is vhenyo