Want to EARN SOME BNR on BantuTalk?

Hello Bantu!

Looking to earn some BNR on the BantuTalk Community this week?

In case you didn’t already know this—

BantuTalk is the Bantu Blockchain community forum created to offer a platform for sharing ideas and collaboration on Bantu Blockchain-related projects, and activities. It is where the vibrant community of users, developers and traders come to hangout.

Most importantly, it is a place for learning all the wants and need- to-know hows of Crypto, Blockchain, Bantu and Third-Party projects being built on the Bantu Infrastructure. (Have a look around the forum :eyes:) #HappyReading

We want to ensure Bantu is providing the best knowledge for YOU as-a Blockchain Enthusiast, with an opportunity to showcase what you’ve learned thus far… So here’s a challenge :nerd_face:

Earn BNR? Heres how to qualify:

  1. Create your OWN new thread topic; telling us what you like and noticed about the recent BantuPay App upgrades to v.2.1.0 ( i.e mods, features, specs, userx, etc)

  2. Category: Bantu Community Challenge ( like we did here :point_up:t4:)

  3. Must be atleast 50-100 words to qualify

  4. Tag both @decentralizednubia or @olutaiwo

  5. Sign w/ BantuTalk and BantuPay username

The closing of this Bantu Writ-up Challenge will be announced 24-48 hours in advance

Happy writing Bantu :writing_hand:

Be Empowered!


This is an awesome challenge with great wining prospects. I’ll participate. :hugs:


Sure it’s a great project that will push a great deal of humanity

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Thank you for the reward. I appreciate.

Bantupay Username: mrconfirm
BantuTalk Username: mrconfirm

Wrong thread boss. @Mrconfirm need to post this on the appropriate Bantu Friday Giveaway thread

Ok. Thank you for the information