12th Annual Bankers’ Committee Retreat

Ernest Mbenkum CEO. of Bantu Blockchain Foundation on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021, will be speaking at the 12th Annual Bankers’ Committee Retreat scheduled to hold at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Annual Retreat provides a platform for the Bankers’ Committee to identify ideas and interventions to strengthen the Nigerian economy and position the financial system to more effectively support sustainable growth and national development. The theme for the 2-day 2021 Retreat is “Building Resilience for Economic Growth”. The retreat will focus on sustainable recovery and building resilience to fast-track economic growth.

The topic will be, “Use Cases for Operations and Efficiency in the Financial System”.

He’ll also be giving an overview of the features, benefits and key use cases of #blockchaintechnology and Distributed Ledger Technologies (#DLT) as-well-as identifying both the opportunities and challenges associated with this technology as a critical part of the financial system. This will allow the participants to better determine the technology’s potential to provide operational efficiencies and to make financial systems more robust and resilient.

For more information, please visit https://bankerscommittee.ng


Blockchain technology will surely become an integral part of the Nigerian financial system. Whether we like it or not…


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I’ve read through over again to check out the hour this will take place because it’s quite offortunate I have a tough exam this date during the pm hours in my time zone but would love to be carried along even if am yet to grabs the concept it’s really about or purposed for

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