20% vs 200% (old investor benefits vs new investor benefits

This is a wonderful month to be a new investor in bantupay coins. 200% interest in staking profits. Wow.

While for us the loyalists, the guys who believe and have been holding our coins, and please do not misunderstand me (I WILL BE HOLDING MY BANTUCOINS FOR GENERATIONS TO COME).

Its not fair that old investors get 20% interest while new investors get 200% interests in profits.

We are all investors because we want profits.
The rules of usual clubs is the old members get more benefits, now how can new comers receive a piece of the pie we have never seen anybody get…

I mean they gonna be way way richer than us. We also want such benefit. Its not as if we have been staking from the month we bought our bantucoins, we have been patiently waiting to stake. And right now we should be recruiting new people not complaining about this unfair investor practice.

Atleast give us 150% instead of 20%.


Well, respect to the bantu blockchain foundation for all they’ve done but there’s a lot of sense in what @Vhenyo comment.
20% was allotted to Bantu pioneers cuz they’ve actually being benefiting from several airdrops but these people are the ones who believe in this project from the beginning when others didn’t and for that alone, they deserve way more than what’s been allocated to them.
It’s actually these pioneers that came up with the idea of staking but it’s the incoming that would enjoy the benefits.


I agree with you bro.

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Let’s join the call on Sunday guys, everyone is waiting for that I guess


Thank God for this project (Bantu).

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Where i can stacking XBN?

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You can stake your xbn when it officially kicks off on http://stake.bantupay.org but you have to first register on the wait-list

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@bkrisbiyanto https://stake.bantupay.org/
Join the wait-list…

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Oke thanks for information

Sunday calllllllll w’ve to be