4th Industrial Revolution

As a nation we need to think on how we can use new technology to improve our country. For whether we like or not tech like #Blockchain will transform the world economy.


Absolutely agree… Need to now dumb new tech down to bite sizes that every category of people can use to make a better life for themselves


It starts with innovation. Just like what Bantu is doing If someone could come up with a method that will make blockchain process less expeinsive


Wether we like it or not, Blockchain is the way as it can be useful in many areas


Agreed! Bantu Blockchain will empower people to be able to leverage it in as many ways as possible.


This revolution is here. And it impacts our lives. In the 4th IR, the data, biology and automation will merge. Human will fully merge and become part of the decision making process. It unlocks our potential in ways we could never dream of.

The WEF has recently hosted a panel on this topic.
How the post COVID world will embrace the 4th IR.

The Great Reset: Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution


This 4th IR, I think it is capable of reshaping the human mind in the direction of what we value. Our value will gradually change from selfishness to selflessness. Greed will be replaced with contentment and everyone will be satisfied with enough rather more than enough that will be stored away from people who need them.
I’m looking at the psychological effect of the 4th IR


Bantu will ensure that Africa will no longer be relegated to the background and will indeed partake in the 4th industrial revolution and be able to deal with other regions from a position of strength.


Disruption often comes without warning and without mercy and I think the warning signs are there for those holding back.
There are 3 kinds of people:

  1. Those who make things happen

  2. Those who watch things happen

  3. Those who wonder what the heck happened.

  • Ernest Mbenkum
    C.E.O Bantu Blockchain Foundation