Acquiring xbn is frustrating

Helo please i want to buy.

I press buy and nothing happens.
It feels like if u make a wrong transaction all is lost and never to be recuperated

Input the amount you want to pay then click buy

@Vhenyo input the value or no of XBN you want to buy and you get the corresponding amount you’ll pay in usdt in this case. In Timbuktu, escrow deposit does not go to an individual. it goes to the escrow secure wallet no individual has access to it.
That is the reason for the BantuPay app button and the QR code you scan, it puts all the information on the system and you cannot change it… Read more here about The Crypto Exchange | Timbuktu

To cut the story shot. Please sell me bantucoin worth37Usdt

You can always buy it in timbuktu

@Vhenyo you can easily buy and sell on TimbuktuP2Pmarketplace Don’t trade outside of Timbuktu


Well im having difficulties. Something i normally do in 5 seconds with other apps

@Vhenyo please share your screen for me to see

As you can see on the last picture buy can not be added even though my payment method was added

@Vhenyo Just click the “BUY XBN” button and after that it takes you to payment page where you make payment into the merchant account

It does not press. Look at it there.

I dont think your global server is accommodative of countries mostly from southern Africa. Thats why its not popular this site.

@Vhenyo It’s probably the network but it will surely respond. Check your internet connection or web browser

Please can you do a screen record so we can know what you’re missing

I can further prove my point about your server if you send me a link to bettrex. It does not accommondate our national I.D CARD but it accommodates migrants using our passports

@Vhenyo BantuPay is functional in all locations around the globe, as long as you have a good smartphone and internet connection.

If you do the screen record and the buy is actually not clicking, I will personally find a way to help because I can see you really want to have it

As we speak in making transactions in to other new coins with ease

I really. For my son