African Blockchain Day (ABD) 10.10

African Blockchain Day (ABD). A major day dedicated to technological advancement in Blockchain in Africa.
ABD aims to propel, uplift and educate people on the latest technological trends in Blockchain
technology as an inclusion tool, as-well-as share insights into the revolutionary opportunities this
technology offers, especially for Africa.
The purpose of the event is to make the day as impactful and educative as possible, by bringing
together the best and brightest thinkers and doers in Africa. It is also a day when innovators and change makers from different sectors can collaborate, rally and direct change through
Blockchain technology.

The 1st edition of the Africa Blockchain Day was held on Thursday 10th, 2019 hosted by The Cameroon Blockchain Business Council (CBBC).
Stay tuned on BantuTalk for more information and update.


Happy to be informed of this development. Africa shall be great.

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when is the next one coming up? 10th of October I guess :grin:, Up Africa, Up BantuBlockchain, Up We Keep Going :rocket::rocket: