Appreciate Bantu

I just want to say Thank you to these great individuals who worked tirelessly together to make Bantu blockchain a reality and a success.
God bless Bantu!


@Krissrow Thank you for your confidence in the project. Together we will empower each other through value transfer by sharing.
Let the journey begin :rocket: buckle your seatbelts


I wanna appreciate you guys for a job well done. But… They is something that you guys need to rectify. When I initially joined Bantu the registration and linking of your Bantu talk account and other stuff was hard not easy to access, it’s abit confusing using the telegram bot as a newbie so was thinking perhaps if you guys can re-organize and redesign the channels and blog to be user friendly. Have got some referrals due to the unstreamedlined processes couldn’t complete their registration so you guys could take a look at the issues and try to trash em out thank you.


Your work on Bantu is appreciated


I see the good work Bantu is doing :+1: well done guys

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Jest mega, niech moc będzie z wami :fire::fire::fire::bomb::call_me_hand::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::ok_hand::muscle::muscle::muscle::loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::upside_down_face: