Balance issue [please help]

Please help regarding my lost balance of 1424 XBN and some of my lost referral rewards (BNR)…
please return my wallet.
details here

Username ifuljleks
address solali


attached evidence. Thank you so much for your help…


Hello, it appears you have not been following up with bantu during the achievement of major milestones. For users that did not import their wallet from the testnet to the updated app before listing and the P2P exchange, they lose their initial reward.


Yeah probably because they did not import on mainet earlier

@Ifuljleks Attention to Returning Community Members:

If you started with Bantu months back and just coming back. The reality is that Bantu Blockchain has evolved, the wallets you had, the FREE XBNs etc are no longer there. Please focus on the new phase of LISTING AND TRADING, NEW PROJECTS.

Being rude to the hardworking Admins and other loyal community members is not good.

Advice: Participate more and soon you will be part of the new campaigns and some more exciting FREEBIES that will always come from BANTU.

Thank you .

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