Bantu Blockchain Foundation is 1 today!

Hello Bantu!

It’ll be a good time in #Bantu Community this season with Santa :santa:visiting with loads of giveaways to those who are good for goodness sake! engaging and contributing positively in the community.

To commemorate this milestone, we are loading the loyal community with 3 juicy December packages!

  1. A 12 for 12 Anniversary Drop (as described in the article below) It is currently being shipped to every qualifying member of the community.

  2. A Listing Announcement - within the next hour.

  3. A Website revamp UI/UX contest among our community. If you know any creative UI/UX designer or/and developer. You want to share this contest with them!



Thanks Bantu, i got mine.
Sweet 120xbn just like that!! :grin:

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@Slimjay Thank you for your confidence in the project. Spread the news!

thank you very much received and happy to expand the item

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