Bantu Exciting Announcement

There’s an exciting announcement that will be made soon by the Bantu Blockchain foundation…
Watch, listen carefully to the last 5 minutes of the presentation done by Mr. Ernest Mbenkum virtually at the Africa Blockchain Conference.
Watch here :point_down:


This is really exciting. If it’s what I think it is, this announcement is going to set Bantu on fire :fire: and everyone would be running to catch a feel of the heat.

The partnership with a global payment system would make online transactions easy and seamless- both local and international.

It’s even coming at the most needed time when Nigerian banks have intensified limits on Naira ATM :atm: card holders.

Hopefully, we’d be able to access credit cards and be able to make payments online with our XBN. :blush:


Exciting days ahead. Get prepared for the best experience with Bantu Blockchain


Honestly speaking, I am super excited about the bantu blockchain project…

The project is amazing.


I haven’t got one day regret getting on board with Bantu…


This is awesome! Why do i get the feeling that the awaited announcement is going to involve one of the two giants in card payments. M or V?


It is really great and exciting to know about Bantu’s place in the African payment system ecosystem.We surely will leverage on it and break trade barriers.For those of us on the fintech and mobile money space it’s apt and very timely.Our friends and families in diaspora will be the better for it.I welcome the world to this huge opportunity.
I Will equally announce to my community.Get ready


Wow! You predicted right. They partnered with Visa.

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A lucky guess I guess! :wink:

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Everything about bantu is great…

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