Bantu experience

Tell me about your experiences so far


Mine is great, except some few issues, which complaints have been made already and I believe there’ll looked into


Sure. That’s the reason we are at this stage of testing and receiving feedbacks.

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Everything great so far except maybe making the side bar on this bantutalk more user friendly.

I thought it was user-friendly already

My task ain’t working… Can’t connect via fb, instagram, so on… On complete of each task it’s still shows task available

What part of the task to be precise?

Pls am facing a serious challenge… Have complained but for weeks no reply… My phone had a reboot lost my Bantu app. I reinstalled the app… Been asked for my secret key… I remember I save some keys sent but didn’t do any backup or import. Pls help me so I can access app.

If you don’t back up the phrase key it means you can’t recover your old wallet balance

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Thank you for caring to ask! This project is going absolutely amazing. The concept is life changing. It truly is an experience. Bantu is not just a community it is a family.

I feel at home and have great faith in this project. Always checking for updates because it’s just too interesting to miss any!