Bantu fan community nft

What do you think about this Bantu Fan Community NFT? Is not official from Bantu Blockchain Foundation but is a community of Bantu Blockchain enthusiast who have #Bantublockchain Blockchain at heart and will grow Bantu to the moon.

This not just a regular NFT with no use case but it has very Powerful use cases in the future.

In the collection we have rare NFTs which is a portrait of Bantu Blockchain Founder, Ernest M. is as few as 195 ( total number of world states or country ) is expected that in every country one should have that NFT cool right :sunglasses:

Other NFT of the collection are already been started giving out as airdrop for some small tasks.

If you will like to join this community at this young development stages join here: Telegram: Contact @bantufans
The collection is here on opensea:

Benefits of the NFT may include access to Bantu Community Pro Class and Meetups in future as well as voting on Bantu Fan Community proposal.

Waiting for you there…

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