Bantu Friday Giveaway 08/04/22

Its Friyay again and the stage is set for another chance to scale your knowledge on the BANTU journey so far.

challenge yourselves with this short trivia and win you some BNR afterwards. Also don’t forget to tell a friend to tell a friend to particpate in the trivia, #Ubuntu


Check the form, why would it be telling me full meaning. Of NFT I typed is wrong :smiley::smiley:

I gat you bro, sorted now

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Not sorted ooh…I don’t understand how Non-fungible token isn’t the full meaning of NFT.

@mildosky Abeg, check that NFT meaning again oh!

Thank you.


First letters of the full meaning should be the capital letter like this

Non Fungible Token :white_check_mark:


That’s what I actually used but, are you kidding me? When, where or why does cases affect the meaning of a word?

When is it closing? Can one respond more than once? I didn’t see the rules.

It’s closed already sir