Happy Friday Bantu!

The Bantu Friday giveaways continue this week despite excitement over the Timbuktu P2P Beta Testings :star_struck:

To previous winners that are yet to receive their giveaway airdrop, please be patient as your rewards will be distributed. The Team is working hard to provide maximum efforts in coordination with the Timbuktu Team to support the Bantu Ecosystem.



Each participants will be receiving 100 BNR each.

Due to Beta testing assignments, the timeframe has been extended to 48 hours from the time of this announcement to allow enough time to respond with both BantuTalk and BantuPay usernames otherwise random replacements will be made from other qualifying participants (However, this notice will NOT be posted on Bantu Telegram Channels).

You must leave your details below, (in the Comment section) of this Bantu Giveaway XIV thread :point_left:t4:

Be Empowered! #Ubuntu


Thank you for this opportunity. It’s my first winning of BANTU FRIDAY Giveaway.
BantuTalk Username: Mrconfirm
BantuPay Username: mrconfirm


Thank you Bantu and conbantulations :tada: :tada: to @Mrconfirm and @kxristain

Bantu talk: Hanyi
Bantu pay: Hanyi


Thanks Hanyi, congratulations to us and God bless Bantu

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Congratulations @Mrconfirm @Hanyi thank you for the response.

Unfortunately @kxristain is disqualified.

@bitcoinzm or @gen2soul whomever places their Bantutalk & BantuPay info here FIRST is the third winner.

You have 24 hours from now

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Qualification pΓ©riod now closed!!
Leaving Mr Confirm & Hanyi as only 2 giveaway winners for this round.

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Please I am new to this platform.

What did you want to know about Bantu?