Bantu friday giveaway


Fridays are fundays, so we bring back our BANTU FRIDAY GIVEAWAYS.

As usual, lots for BNRs to be won.
Today, we test your knowledge on Bantu foundation so far. Shouldn’t be difficult if you have been following up with us, should it?:crazy_face:
Click this link BANTUTALK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY TRIVIA to access the poll to put your knowledge to test and earn you some BNRs.

Ps: Answer at least 3 questions correctly from page 1, in other to unlock page 2

Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend, because we are here to empower humanity.


:rose::rose::rose: her we go again, nice one

Legggo, Bantu friedday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sir this Bantu giveaway quest
When you view your score it shows you it has page 2 of another set of questions telling you you failed am quite confused sir.
Sorry for posting this here but it been said that what you don’t know you ask

There are four questions in page 1, you are required to score at least 3points(question 4 & any other) to move to page 2, failure to amass these points in page 1, automatically submits your answers on page 1, thereby showing you this page you screenshot

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motiv8 has participated. admin go and review my score😂

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Your response was Gbos gbas abi


Bantu Locals no dey fail✊🏽

Na man you be. Twale for you baba

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonderful I started filling it just showed me submitted and gbam it ended just like that. Wonderful thing! I begiiiiii I nor d take part again because it says you can fill only once. Wonna refresh I beg

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No longer responding bro any technical problem or already closed?

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Sorry, it’s closed already. Look out for next Friday.


I just want to ask how I didn’t get everything right. Come and do correction o😄. Meanwhile, do we know there’s no specific amount for gas fees so it’s in spirit

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100 spirit(0.00001XBN) is the gas fee for transactions on the Bantu blockchain


Hi all,
Congratulations to the winners…
You can also be lucky next time