Bantu launches a 200% APR staking program for new users

The Bantu Blockchain, an indigenous Pan-African Blockchain Network Infrastructure developed by the Bantu Blockchain Foundation (BBF) has launched the inaugural and innovative XBN staking program for new users around the world.

The XBN staking program, announced by the Bantu Core Development Team via a media release, states the team has opened a wait-list for new users to signify their interest in joining the list from March 8th – 31st 2022.

Given the limited time for the XBN staking program, it is imperative for new users to take advantage of the opportunity to join the waiting list to increase their percentage share of the network while getting to know the Bantu Apps and community solutions.

How does it work?

Earning returns in this space does not have to be complicated, and Bantu makes it very easy even for new users, as follows;

  1. Download and sign-up on BantuPay app from your mobile app store – Android and iOS

  2. Go to and scan the QR code to join the wait-list.

  3. Buy a minimum of 2000 XBN tokens from any of these exchanges Bitmart,, Bittrex Global, or Tradefada and send to your BantuPay wallet to qualify.

Users will be able to view, calculate interest rates and make multiple deposits to the staking wallet via ONLY the staking app until the window closes on 31st March 2022, after which staking will no longer be allowed.

Get to know Bantu

Bantu is a truly distributed network infrastructure, a decentralized governance model for wealth creation and economic sovereignty for humanity. It is an easy-to-adopt technology stack for developers, businesses, organizations, and other network participants.

The Bantu Blockchain Network makes it possible to instantly and securely transfer, swap, and trade digital assets globally and at an extremely low cost. Bantu blockchain combines speed, security, reliability, and includes human elements of fairness, and sharing to empower participants on the network while lowering the entry barriers for participation.

Bantu is set to become a conduit for positive socio-economic impact in the emerging economies around the world.

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