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Woah, it is time to buy and hodl.
#Bantutothemoon #Bantuarmy


Hodl tight… I just hope holders will benefit when they hold XBN on there Bantupay wallet, even if it will be small. We have people that just want anything they have generating something for them…

“We don’t need weak hands and panick sellers with $XBN”

#Bantuarmy we Hold to Gold @decentralizednubia @olutaiwo

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@stepharnite that is what I HV been telling my friends, never to rush and sell if not u will regret.


Where do cryptocurrencies get their value?

The economic value of cryptocurrency, like all goods and services, comes from supply and demand.

  1. Supply refers to how much is available—like how many bitcoin are available to buy at any moment in time.
  2. Demand refers to people’s desire to own it—as in how many people want to buy bitcoin and how strongly they want it.

The value of a cryptocurrency will always be a balance of both factors.

There are also other types of value.

For example, there’s the value you get from using a cryptocurrency. Many people enjoy spending or gifting crypto, meaning that it gives them a sense of pride to support an exciting new financial system.
Similarly, some people like to shop with bitcoin because they like its low fees and want to encourage businesses to accept it.

Also, the XBN price/ value is determine and subject to change based on market conditions as
BANTU price will depend on demand and supply once in the market

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100% regret boss… those weak hands ehn

@stepharnite those guys that rush and sell will end up bitting their fingers in regret

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People should open their minds to opportunities. Imagine people telling others in the next 20 years that they were once a part of Bantu but they regret selling off early. As for me, I am holding
#Bantutothemoon #Bantuarmy

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That’s the worst scenerio because even if they think they have turn there back to the project… it will always hunt them

Yeah, imagine telling your kids that you lost out on Africa’s biggest project because you lacked patience to hold.
That wouldn’t look good


:thinking: you are right… I just take the XBN I am holding as

What if I don’t have XBN

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Xbn will remain with me till old age and my son will inherit my passphrase and also my password to access my account. Is one of the things my children will inherit