Bantu Locals Proposal Community Feedback

Hello Bantu,
You may know Bantu Locals already, since we presented it to the community during our Bantu Hour. I have put together a little survey to get feedback from you to take this further and make sure that it represents the interest of the community.

Below, you will find the links to the Pitch Deck and The survey, please review both and provide your feedback. The survey will be open until December 25, 2021.

Bantu Locals Pitch Deck

Bantu Locals Feedback Survey


Bantu rocks…
We’d go places and break barriers together


Bantu is an advance initiative for African that can take us to place we some much desire


Welcome to the community @ganioshidipe… let’s keep up the energy with Bantu :partying_face::rocket:

Welcome to Bantutalk community @ganioshidipe

Nice bantu to the moon

Bantu to the moon. Great project

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Welcome to Bantutalk @Ogvice

Nice one from Bantu team. I went through carefully

Bantupay is very good project. We will support it. You can create local community for growing yourself. I am from Bangladesh, I am here to support the community.


Nice one from core Bantu community


Yo @CryptoFinderX you’re welcome to our community.


Bantu is the best, successfully for all team

Welcome to the community @Babelili

Welcome @Babelili to our Bantu community.

Bantu Locals is one great initiative I can’t wait long to see goes live. I belief it’s going to be a success

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Great initiative …great project

Welcome to the community @Viviachris

Glad I found Bantu, You rocks !!! Bantu to the moon !!!

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