Bantu market place

I was sleeping and i woke up with it on my mind and i ask my self why not?

Ok now how can this be possible? That’s the real question :smirk:

My first boom was …why not open it on bantu talk so that we will all think about my vision.

Ok u’ll surely ask me to provide my point of view about…

》Find partners (that will promote their product etc… or …)

》Create some task that will provide deduction code (ei: 10% off or 30% … etc)

》Pay with Ur BantuPay App​:relieved::raised_hand:

》Use the BantuPay Address of the particular Shop to purchase the product. Or a panel would be provided to manage all thoses payment indirectly so that the traceability would be effective in case of any complaint.

U’ll ask me how the transaction would be secure and others … ( when am talking about secure it’s about how sure are we to ensure our payment before delivery)

》No problem it’s like Timbuktu :+1: just be sure that all details are verified before any integration on the platform and also the transaction may be, would be manage though the admin side to ensure security and traceability.

I have provided the main idea now let’s share others view and what else ur seeing that can be possible …?



@Flexcodec very good insight here

Interested to see feedback on these ideas provided