Bantu pay Importing issues

Hello, I mistakenly deleted my Bantupay wallet that has 1,425 XBN and I downloaded it back and import my wallet but I didn’t see any XBN there my assets isn’t showing. Pls help.

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Go to @banturewards on telegram

I already went there but no one is responding they told me that maybe my coins are gone

Oh, sorry that happened. Please proceed to create a new wallet

If I create a new wallet what about my 1000 XBN in my old wallet

It will still be there but you can’t have access to it

Why but I still have my wallet key

@Ogoluwa If you have your secret key, just import your secret key into the new wallet.

I did that already but my XBN is still not showing

Can you share your screen?

@Ogoluwa Buy some XBN from to activate your wallet. Your wallet must have a minimum of 6Xbn

Ok if I buy the XBN will my former XBN show

Hello are you there pls reply

Keep your secret key. And you can recover your tokens later

Ok this is so sad over 50k gone :sob:, well thanks for your time.

For everyone’s perusal (for those who may not be aware yet), kindly please take the opportunity to click this link BantuPay - Do this early to secure your wallet. - YouTube and watch this very informative guide regarding your SECRET KEYS.:ok_hand::nerd_face: