Bantu spirit "a spirit of togetherness " as described by Bantu descents

This is my testimony of this network.

I have met selfless individuals whom were not just willing to help me and my family understand this network. But they were also willing to share their own busks of wealth to help us activate our accounts.

And to continue the bantu spirit. After i understand how to fund with timbaktu. I would also like to donate some coins in a similar manner.

“Akhuna mathata” what a wonderful network.


You’re welcome to the community boss… Let’s make some impact :handshake::handshake:

I want to learn how to fund myself so i can teach my referrals. Please help

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Am helping you on Bantu TG group

It was you again?
Thanks man

You’re wealthcome :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome bonus is over… We no longer give free XBN to activate Bantupay, so to activate the wallet you have the following options.

  1. Share your wallet username with a friend to send you XBN from another Bantupay wallet or share your wallet address if they are sending from other sources.

  2. Buy XBN from Timbuktu Timbuktu

  3. Visit Bantu Blockchain Foundation
    for list of other exchanges where you can buy XBN from.

  4. Earn XBN from the Bantupay telegram Bot and on by participating in the community tasks and enagage positively in the community.

@Vhenyo Together we will empower each other through value transfer by sharing. With BBF, there’s no limit to what you can achieve as we progress together on this unending journey. This is the spirit of BANTU.

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Please show me your spirit of ubuntu. 10 XBN?