Bantu steady decline

Why is my XBN value declining in it’s price?I just checked today and it has gone done again to #8,it has been on a steady decline,why? anybody has the answer please?

The answer is learn about how cryptocurrency works sir…

What you have witnessed is change in fiat value of XBN. Your number of XBN tokens remains the same. @Chreb20
XBN is not designed to be speculative. The Bantu Native Utility Token (XBN) is the fuel that powers all operations and transactions carried out on the Bantu Blockchain, whether it be payment fees, execution of contracts in DApps built on the blockchain, activation of wallets, creation of new blockchain tokens or digital assets.
Think of it like the gas on the Ethereum network, but way cheaper and faster. The smallest unit of the XBN token is called a SPIRIT.

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We are community driven and hyping XBN is not our focus. XBN is the native token of Bantu Blockchain and the Blockchain infrastructure is what we are actually selling.
We believe with time when more projects are being built on Bantu the value will increase.
Think beyond speculation for XBN.
XBN is not a pump and dump Token XBN is our native token and as more infrastructures are built on Bantu and transaction fees are made in XBN, the value will increases.

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I would dare to suggest a saying used "The Market is always right " When all known aspect of this is considered, Country, People, financial statements, goals , progress , ROI, in my way of looking, there is wary little or no conformation of, that my investment is building support for an increase of the ROE. I am a Founder in this fund and my goal is to have contributed to something that was the starting of a African blessing and a reasonable return on my investment.

Ok,I get it,thanks for the enlightenment

Yeah,I know.thanks a lot for the info