Bantu wallet user feedback

So far I can say great job done. I haven’t faced much issues but I do have a few things to point out.

  1. Adjustments to the UI. For example, the use of the purple and white would give a better UI feel than orange and white.
  2. The recurring need for inputting passwords is quite tiring as a user. I suggest that fingerprint authentication should be added as a second layer of security which can be used as a substitute for passwords if the user wants to access his/her wallet swiftly
  3. For convenience and privacy , a user should be able to hide or view his/her wallet balance as he/she wishes.
  4. Another thing I noticed is that when you open the app at first, sometimes the wallet balance isn’t updated and shows zero assets until you move to one or two other widgets and then come back to the home page before it adjusts to the standard balance. See the two screenshots below.
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Thank you! This is great feedback!