Bantu Website Revamp- Choose your favorite design πŸŽ“

Hello Bantu!
What design do you like best?

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Thank you to all the amazing Builders for showcasing their talents and creativity!!

The Top 3 Final submissions have been picked:

Bantu Builder - Jimoh
Bantu Builder - Dolapo
Bantu Builder - Ademuyiwa

We need your help choosing the Bantu Builder to revamp the Bantu Site.

Choose the design you like best ? See poll to place your pick.


I’ve tried opening (testing) but it’s all taking ages to come up. Why’s that so or is the problem coming from my end? Can’t really vote without testing, not logical.

@Slimjay, I believe the problem is from your end as I’m able to preview all three submissions with no hitches. For the third submission, depending on your screen size, you may have to zoom in on the image with the dark background to view the appropriate submission.


The first isn’t coming up, so I choosed the second over the 3rd; I like the design, it’s cool.

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The second one is extremely good and fine

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I just voted no. 2 its UI DOPE and looks bantuish

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Congratulations :clap: to our amazing builders for coming up with these beautiful works to redesign the face of our community project.

You all are our winners. :trophy:

Much appreciations to the Bantu core team for staying true to their mandate of empowering humanity by providing opportunities :muscle: and carrying the community along. :clap:


@Eazywebpro, would you say the color gradients on the buttons too are Bantuish?

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I think myself and so many people will go for the second because it’s responsive, regardless of your screen size, it fits into it and there’s what we call a responsive website.

@Eazywebpro, that’s correct, though my question was specific on the color combinations as you said it looks Bantuish.

Well, I went for the third as it seemed more comprehensive and different from the others :nerd_face:

I love it all, the are all beautiful

Great work from all builders, all the designs were fantastic.

I am the second person to vote, but the reason why i choose his own was because of this


You have to click the link and use chrome it will open

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No 2 for me. Simple, dope, and detailedπŸ”₯

Can this amazing builders help us redesign the Bantu talk site too?:blush:

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Am yet to vote Sha . Am in my villa and ney here is freaky. Ama do that in coming days tho

The first one isn’t coming up. But the second one is, FIRE!! :fire: :fire:

Welcome to the community @tjegan :slightly_smiling_face: