Bantu Website Revamp Contest - Showcase your UI/UX skills

Hello Bantu Builders!

We have a special challenge for talented UI/UX designers.

We will be revamping the current website as we prepare for a new and exciting year 2022. As we will be getting more attention from users, partners, institutions and developers who wish to leverage Bantu Blockchain in one way or another, we would like to take the look and feel of our current website to the next level. We want visitors to the website to be able to find what they need very easily; whether it be information or developer resources. We want the website to be easy on the eye and sticky for visitors.


  • Put your creativity hat on and create an interactive UI/UX redesign of the current website on Figma or Adobe XD. Use the current site map as your starting point (or guide)
  • Feel free to look at the best designed websites in the space to borrow elements and concepts
  • You will earn extra points if you can create a dark mode version in addition
  • Upload your submissions to this thread as a reply with (non-malicious) links to your interactive design.

Feel free to ask questions and seek clarification on the Bantu Builders Telegram Group or on this thread.

7 days from now - 27th December

Selection criteria
Community vote and Team discretion

Something juicy :crossed_fingers:t4:. It will be worth the effort.

Spread the news to your developer friends outside of Bantu. The more submissions to choose from, the merrier!


I hope the community will be given the opportunity to review and vote :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:



Winners will be selected by a combination of community vote and the team’s discretion.


Why am I seeing this just now :confused:?

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Wow, are you actually in that field?

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I have friends that can do such


The deadline is in about 6 days!

They can still be a part of it, should they be willing.

Just share it with them.


Are we to redesign just the homepage or the entire website?


The entire web site bro

Still ongoing.
Here’s the link to the prototype:


BBF website redesign.

NOTE: The design consists of two themes (DARK & LIGHT MODE) which USERS can switch through a button located in front of the logo.

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Here bro, post here too in telegram :point_down:


I’ve done that already Sir.

Ok nice, I hope Bantu team add yours up to others and reward you according to what you’ve done . Good luck Ubantu. You are the real MVP

Cool stuff. Do you have a light theme?

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@appipiah , do u have light theme ?:triumph::triumph::triumph:

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