Bantu Weekly Rewards

Hello Bantu,


We are happy to announce that rewards for the last two weeks (week 47 and 48) have been distributed.

This distribution of the BNR (Bantu Network Reward) Tokens was to qualified participants (with a duly completed profile) who met the task requirements of completing 5 Swaps and 5 Sends or more.

Check your wallet to see the rewards! :fire:

Thank you! Let’s keep going to earn more rewards! :rocket:


Hello Bantu,

We loved to hear from you.

Have you received your weekly rewards payout for Week 47 & Week 48? Check your emails… Check your BantuPay.

Let us know!!


Hello Bantu, I have been unable to log in to my app this night, to check if I was rewarded.
It keeps showing me blank page.:point_down:
Uploading: Screenshot_20201201-221900.png…



@enella I am sure you should be all good now correct?


Yes @vmaac I deleted and reinstalled the app. Thank you for the help.

I have received my reward frm Bantu


My rewards do not reflect any progress on my dashboard…

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@EpaEpa If you claim rewards on new v33 update for BantuPay wallet. Should reflect 1600 BNR tokens

Cannot wait to get rewards

When reward week 51 distributed?

Next week we will distribute @kiisn16

Okay thanks for the info

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I miss the reward for last week despite completing all tasked. Well I m sure maybe the reasons why I was not rewarded was becos my account was suspended a day before the reward was to be given. I felt bad missing out from week 52.

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Ujhj jijh jihbb kijb juhv

How can i get that??

To the moon, this is legit

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Welcome @Welda to the BantuTalk community

How Can i earn more BNB.

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