BantuBot Reward

Thank you BantuBot I have received 10XBN for bantupay username validation.
I await that of BantuTalk validation and the rewards.
I hope the admin can rectify the issue, because I am still unable to validate my Bantutalk username in the BantuBot.
Thank you.


Bantupay Username validation? How do you go about that?

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@enella please how did you go about BantupayBot?

Hello @mjbrus

Please, note that @enellaā€™s response date was a while back when the Bantu bot was active.

At the moment, the Bantu bot is not active as it is undergoing maintenance.

NB: Iā€™m not a Bantu admin, but a Bantu believer like you! :wink:


What exact issue are you facing now with regards to Bantu?
Like @Hanyi said, the Bot is not active currently.