BantuPay Ecosystem

BantuPay is the first application on the BantuPay ecosystem which is built on the Bantu Blockchain Infrastructure.
Bantupay provides a secure non-custodial smart wallet enabling the unbanked and underbanked to transfer value in 5 seconds. With Bantupay wallet you’ll be able to send transactions to usernames, emails, phone number. Your code is your username this is about :100:% simplicity Nobody should be using complex codes any more.
Bantupay is dumbed down that a 6 years old can use it. Download the Bantupay wallet here :point_right:
today and start storing and transacting with your Bantu assets.

The Bantu Blockchain Infrastructure is an open source, where developers can come and build upon it. That is to say, Bantu Blockchain is an infrastructure that is built to enable other organizations build solutions. You can build a business on the Bantu Blockchain using Bantu’s API/SDK. The API and SDK for the BantuPay Wallet which is ready for those that want to build using the Bantu Pay SDKs…
Bantu Blockchain empowers underserved end users, freelancers, entrepreneurs, Fintech/Blockchain Developers, network validators, funders, SMEs & enterprises, corporations Public & Private Government and other Organizations. In short Bantu Blockchain is to give everyone access to plug and play, easy to use blockchain infrastructure to augment their industry. Bantu Blockchain is for humanity. Everyone will be able to develop and deploy assets, create tokens as easily as pressing a couple of buttons.

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#Bantu for all humanity

Please how do I withdraw my CBN from bantu

Firstly it’s XBN. You can sell your xbn to cash on