Bantupay error any help

i cant open my wallet in other device. i copy my 56 secret key and input my correct username or email addrss but it keeps on saying incorrect username. any help from devs

@clairvoyant what version of BantuPay app are you on? and could also share your screen?

login with your details. import wallet if you have correct secret keys.
Find where you saved it & copy and paste
or did you write it down? If so then have to carefully input one by one no spaces

already do that wait ill send screen shot.

i have the same problem

Uploading: Screenshot_2021-07-21-05-04-30-65.jpg…
i input all correct details. including 56secret key that i copied and paste in my notepad.

i think no will help us

yeah maybe. i wish someone will do.

I have faced username incorrect when I tried to import wallet in new version app

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Please lay complaint here thank you