BantuPay Happy New year

Is there any new bonus on the new year 2022 eve.
Bantu should celebrate this coming year with zeal and zest
Support my proposal


Well, it’d be a good idea if you ask me and more XBN to our wallet. Yippee :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:
But, I think you @Ubaid152 should try to at least buy some XBN instead of waiting for airdrops and bonuses… :grin: :grin:


Your proposal is well received and Bantu already give out something surprising this December alone

@Ubaid152 Bantu has been rewarding the Community, Users,Enthusias from day one. The community has always been great rewarding Users from testnet to mainnet now.
You may wish to join any of the our numerous campaigns, competition, etc so that you can continue to partake in our community engagement.

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Bantu Xbn trading competition !🏆