BantuPay Next Exchange Listing

Good day everyone reading this and to the Bantu Organization, I’m grateful to be part of this great project, looking forward in deploying smart contracts on the blockchain in time to come.

My reason for writing this is to make a suggestion to the organizing council members, please when choosing a next exchange for listing, let the verification aspect be made a variety, like different types of document to upload, not just one type.

Bittrex is a great exchange, we appreciate your effort on getting listed on their exchange, but the verification document needed, only 20% of your users can provide such document, other options should be made available for others who doesn’t have that document to also get verified and trade on their platform.

Thank you for this opportunity.
I appreciate.


Thank you @Kassy for your suggestion.

Welcome to Bantu


I was actually thinking about this…

Bantu to the world

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I dnt even know where Ghana is located.

Bantu to the world :muscle:t4: @Plenty1