BantuTalk pitch Thursday| a2mall is the most rewarding way to buy and sell

My name is Austin Amadi, I am an entrepreneur, graphic designer and digital marketer.
The greatest problem I have encountered is being with unemployed and underemployed people.
One issue is common among my friends 80% of them that have jobs are still looking for a means to make extra income.

The idea of building a platform like a2mall came up because for long my friends and family have depended on me when it comes to business ideas and critical thinking and here am putting it to good use.

a2mall was born to create that solution, a platform anyone can sign up and start earning from every purchase made with his or her referral link, with this I am tackling the underemployment and unemployment issues. For those looking for jobs they can actively promote the platform and earn from the 2 by infinity matrix reward structure of the platform.

To cap it all they earn in cryptocurrency that has real value that can be traded and the platform also allows them to make a direct purchase with their tokens.

a2mall allows you buy your daily need starting from groceries to motor parts and anything you can find in regular shops.
Since we cannot live without these products the rewards will continue coming as every sale offers a percentage to the owner of the referral link.

With the compensation structure it guarantees earning forever and with the tokens earned, a future of growth and financial independence is sure.

a2mall is a socket anyone can plug into, become an ambassador and earn till infinity by promoting the platform.

This as well helps upcoming products and company to readily market their products with the ever ready ambassadors to promote it.

The merchants on this platform are not left out as they will gain from business loans, to market analysis, brand promotions, rewards and a lot more.
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What stage is the project currently?
Do you play to issue our own token?
How does commission work when someone puts their affiliate link on the A2small website.


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We are still building the platform its 90% complete.
We will be issuing the XBN as a reward
When you go to the site upon checkout you can signup as an ambassador after which you will get a personal referral link.
The referral link connects you to every purchase the person makes and the purchase of a 2nd level person.
It’s a total of 4% rewards for an ambassador

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