BantuTalk pitch Thursday | A2mall

Africa is a home of opportunities, a continent of resilient people who get things done regardless of the challenges. While the myriad of challenges facing the continent can be overwhelming, many young entrepreneurs have continued to see the challenges as problem that can be solved and must be solved.
Introducing (a2mall) an online mall where anyone can plug-in to share their links and any purchase made using that link automatically earns them income.
A2mall also infusing multilevel reward structure to guarantee life time earning.
Not just these referrals rewards are paid in tokens, the company also researched and found out that the Bantu XBN will be the best token to give as a reward.
Join us this Thursday at 2pm WAT on BantuTalk to know why and how a2mall Customers /Consumers use Bantupay wallet to make purchases in selected online stores that accept XBN as payment…
You don’t want to miss this!