BantuTalk pitch Thursday | Digitizing the agricultural sector using blockchain technology

I am Ismail Waziri, a researcher in artificial intelligence, industrial internet of things, blockchain, embedded fintech and agricultural value chain. I am the co-founder and CEO of Secure Agric; an agricultural value chain technology startup company, solving problems within the agricultural value chain using blockchain technology. we are building a decentralized market place for farmers to seamlessly exchange values with end buyers of their commodities. as such, farmers get the true value of their labor. we are also building a payment platform to compliment the market place and to also bring decentralized finance to the last mile populace. we further consider launching a coin (Agrikoin) i.e. the first agriculture backed cryptocurrency in Africa, to serve as a means of exchange of agricultural values across all boarders.
for the farmers we understand their pain points, which is;

  1. financial exclusion
  2. lack of inputs
  3. lack of market access.

to us, this is an all inclusive problem, which requires an all inclusive solution and that is why as we develop our solutions, we are using a top down approach to solve the problems, by involving and partnering with the critical stakeholders within the agricultural value chain.

  1. i was in Niger state last year for a partnership discussion with a fertilizer producer to supply our farmers with input, using agrikoin as the transactional currency…and so many more partnerships going on including the national adopted village for smart agriculture; an initiative of the national information technology development agency.

we feel that after the necessary partnerships are secured, 50% of the work is done because farmers in this part of the world deal with the reality. the technology is useless to them is their pain points is not realistically solved, and it has be demonstrated on a pilot launch which requires support from all angles.

Beside the Books of God and God’s apostles, blockchain technology is the greatest thing that has ever happen to humanity. But the most important thing is we have embarked on a journey to make the world a better place and i hope, bantu blockchain will support and come with us on this journey to feed the future and employ 70% of Africa’s unemployed through agriculture. By doing this, we have technically tackle 50% of the social and economic crises bothering the African State. @decentralizednubia @olutaiwo


Midweek update: #Bitcoin officially reclaims $1 trillion market cap

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Good idea from you. I hope for the best.

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Let empower humanity :earth_africa::gift_heart:

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Welcome, @IsmailGombe. A good initiative from you. I don’t mind if I can be included in the startup team. Am a seasoned developer.

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BantuBlockchain Foundation is here to Empower :partying_face::partying_face::man_dancing:t4::dancer:

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No doubt bro… :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100:

Hello bro, please share with me your email.