BantuTalk pitch Thursday | Introducing Crypto Asset Buyer (CAB)

I am Senator Ihenyen, Founding Editor of, a crypto-education and media site. With a background in law, I specialize in intellectual property and information technology law, where I get to add value particularly in the digital economy, including blockchain & crypto policy and regulation. This has enabled me function in the blockchain and crypto community in various capacities including being the President of Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN).

In September 2021, I started Crypto Asset Buyer (CAB).

CAB is inspired by losses crypto asset buyers and investors suffered in May 2021 and the need to equip crypto asset buyers and investors with the data and tools that can help them make more informed decisions. This was after the shockwaves the crypto market experienced due to certain factors at the time, including Elon Musk’s tweets about bitcoin energy consumption. Seeing the need for every crypto asset buyer—new or experienced—to insulate himself or herself from the volatility and uncertainties often associated with crypto assets, we built CAB.

With CAB, there are 4 simple ways we wish to help crypto asset buyers insulate themselves:

Quality and accessible crypto education

Forget about the get-rich-quick stories you might have come across in the crypto space. Getting rich in crypto—at least safely and sustainably—will require that you invest in your knowledge base about crypto assets and blockchain technology applications generally. So even if you make it big overnight, you will need knowledge to keep you there. Make efforts to get a real feel of the industry and how the stuff work. With Crypto Coach, CAB will equip you—particularly the new and inexperienced crypto Asset buyer—with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions when buying or investing in crypto assets.

Reliable, no-hype crypto market data

The crypto asset market is generally high-risk. Having fingertip access to the right information at the right time about crypto assets you are interested in buying or investing in is critical to successfully minimizing these risks. This category gives you current and live crypto-asset and crypto-market data to enable you to do your own research and make your own decision. We do not give financial advice.

Easy Navigation of crypto market segments and blockchain ecosystems

In a market such as the crypto-asset market where things don’t only move fast but also with a seemingly unendingly big horizon, it is easy to feel or get lost. Even experienced crypto Asset buyers or investors can (and indeed) feel overwhelmed from time to time. While trying to settle down with existing projects on existing blockchains, new projects and sometimes with new blockchains and ecosystems drop in the crypto-asset market every now and then. This is why being able to easily navigate the market is vital. At the CAB, we have created the Crypto Navigator to help you easily navigate the crypto-asset market segments and ecosystems. It gives you that big-picture look without denying you access to market-data details.

Awareness about the crypto industry

As crypto players ourselves, we know how vital it is to be on top of what’s going on in the crypto space. Especially at this early stage of the emergence of crypto assets, news of a crypto scam, a crypto-exchange hack, enforcement action by a regulator, or even a tweet by a big name could impact the crypto market. Often, this affects the price value of crypto assets, thus significantly affecting crypto asset buyers or investors. This is why we created the Crypto Police section on our website.

At CAB, both new and experienced crypto asset buyers get to learn more about the crypto assets they wish to buy or invest in before taking the bite.

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Thank @SenatorIhenyen
How In-Depth Is a Good Knowledge Source?
Can we say just because a piece of learning material is simple does it make it usable or complete ? internet has swarms of detailed pages on crypto knowledge, much of it is utterly useless for those who take learning seriously.
So, what differentiates CAB from the rest?


Thank you very much for that question @olutaiwo. Indeed, there are many contents online about various aspects of crypto; some too simple for functional knowledge; some too complex to understand; and some too distracting as they mix learning with crypto marketing!

At CAB, this is why we have created a section called Crypto Coach. Crypto Coach breaks down crypto knowledge for both newbies and oldies. How? First, under Crypto Coach, we have Crypto Companion, Crypto Q&A, and Crypto Crunch. While Crypto Companion introduces people to concepts and terms in blockchain and cryptocurrency in a clear, concise, and comprehensive manner, Crypto Crunch helps people understand the crypto industry and market more by helping them break down complex industry data and developments in a way that they can understand without losing the message. Then with Crypto Q&A, we answer some of the common questions that newbies asks about cryptocurrencies or crypto assets. A visit to Crypto Coach - Crypto Asset Buyer (CAB) breaks this down.


Wow! Lots of potential for everyone. The existing and newbies in the cryptocurrency space can leverage on this opportunity.
Bantutalk is available for everyone as well.


@SenatorIhenyen Any plans to Tokenize CAB brand ? Where only those with the token will have access to the publication or only holders of a certain amount of the token will have access to the publication/ resources Like taking advantage of Bantu Token Creator
Tokenize Your Value | Tokenizing Everything


Nice question from you.

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Thank you very much @Mrconfirm! I hope you get to visit and use CAB as well.

That’s another great question.

At CAB, we see that as crypto adoption increasingly grows, there is huge potentials for growth as far as what we do at CAB is concerned. By creating high-quality contents for users locally and globally, we are committed to making CAB the trusted brand for crypto information. As we build this, value is built, and gradually we see a CAB community growing from this sometime in the future.

Now are we going to tokenize the value that CAB would be creating in such a way that CAB token holders would enjoy special access to community resources and publications? Yes, having a CAB token is a possibility. But because of what inspired CAB in the first place, we wish to build first, grow traction, have a thriving community, have premium data and contents, become a trusted brand before we start exploring the possibilities of a token. We do not want to introduce tokens in “thin air” that tend to create avoidable risks for token holders. As a brand, we believe in building at least a working product first. This helps to insulate against risks to an appreciable extent.

When the time is right, CAB will of course be happy to explore possible collaboration with Bantu’s Token Creator!


I will sir. It will be nice using it

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Thank you. The website is