BantuTalk Pitch Thursday | SecureAgric

Meet SecureAgric; The Nigerias blockchain startup want to transform africas agriculture value-chains.

Secure Agric is an agricultural value chain startup company that’s aimed at revolutionizing the African agricultural value chain by erecting a world-class supply chain on the blockchain network.
Secure Agric aims to integrate the fragmented segments of the value chain and build a secured trust driven value chain based on blockchain technology.
The agricultural sector is faced with a lot of challenges that have, over the years, served as a hindrance to attaining its full potential.
A decentralize marketplace that creates a direct link between the buyer and the farmer enabling the farmer to get a true value for their labor and work…
Join us this Thursday to get insights and challenges of Agric business and how Secure Agric stands to address them.


Can we be getting the specific time? maybe next one

Bantu have great future. Agriculture is a life saver now especially as cost of living is increasing.

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Will this impact on the current high food prices in Nigeria?