BantuTalk Pitch Thursday

To be relevant in today’s digital world, you must be an Innovator. Create solution that can fix an existing market friction in your community/sector. An old teacher of mine always told us, “Either you innovate or you die"…
When you create a solution to an existing problem that is known as an INVENTION, when you are able to bring that solution or invention to the market place, where people are willing to pay or buy that solution, you have INNOVATED.
In addition to making a profit, your brands should be creating solutions, solving problems, meeting needs and educating people… The essence company exist or creating products is to fix frictions.
If you have an Innovation that can fix frictions in Education, Healthcare, Fintech, Agriculture, Gaming and Betting etc. please bring it on.
BantuTalk Pitch Thursday
Raising the spirit of Entrepreneurship and Innovation…

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