Bantutalk username validation

I am happy :blush: to inform the Bantu family that my BantuTalk username has been validated by the BantuBot. :dancer::dancer::muscle: Thank you Bantu Admins


@enella Thanks for the feedback. Exciting days ahead! :rocket:


Hello Bantutalk, please kindly assist me with my Username I’m having issues with it that’s deters me from accessing my Bantutalk rewards,
Warm Regards
@olutaiwo ,


@deezek101 What does it say ?
Whats the error message? Please clarify.

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Hello am a new member here


@Adeyemi007 Bantu welcome :hugs: Let the journey begin :rocket: buckle your seatbelts. Together we will empower each other through value transfer by sharing.


Please help my username is invalid

Great project. I think this project is strong and may be successful in future.

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Together we will empower each other through value transfer by sharing. With Bantu Blockchain Foundation (BBF), there’s no limit to what you can achieve as we progress together on this unending journey. This is the spirit of BANTU.

Please help my username is invalid

Please help me. My username is invalid.

My user name is Ritul113 kindly make it valid for me. Thank you

@Ritul113 What is the problem? You can share screenshot to help in resolving the issue.

this my user name and make it validate pls

Are you unable to log in?
Try putting your correct password and log in again.
However, if you have not validated your Bantupay username on the BantuBot via telegram, you have to join the Bantu support telegram group.

Click the link below to access bot👇
Complete your registration info to get up to 50.0 XBN reward

+10.0 XBN each friend referred Telegram: Contact @BantuPayBot

Click below to join Bantu Rewards Support telegram group if you have not joined yet :point_down:
Bantu Rewards Support
Official @BantuBlockchain


:bar_chart:CoinMarketCap tba :hammer_and_wrench:1.86b XBN™
:lizard:CoinGecko tba

Once you have joined the bot follow the instructions to activate or validate your username.
I hope it’s useful.

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@willynshedo2 is my Bantu username please admin I need it to be validated

Please my username is @Willynshedo2 I can’t claim my reward cuz it’s showing invalid please admin help me to validate my username

Please go to your telegram, in the BantuPayBot chat type this in there /menu
Then click on /BantuPay
Or you can directly type /BantuPay
Follow the instructions to validate your Bantupay username.
I hope it’s helpful.

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