Blockchain Educator: There is a space for you in the blockchain and web3

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We continue the series on Bantu Xpansion; There is a space for you in the blockchain and web3?
Today, let’s look at Role of a Blockchain Educator
Blockchain Educator, the main key job description for a Blockchain Educator is to provide education, sensitization, awareness, training to blockchain beginners and help people position well in taking their place on the space without holding back obvious facts.
According to statistics 0.5% of the world’s population is using blockchain technology and many don’t even understand the concept and it’s applications to businesses, governance, agriculture, economy and much more.
Create an education pathway for people to learn and develop skills in blockchain technology, providing in-demand, industry recognized skills and credentials for well-paid careers in the blockchain Industry.
More importantly, as a blockchain Educator you’re to encourage knowledge sharing, help foster the local development, investment, usage, and adoption of blockchain technologies.

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How will someone become a Blockchain educator for Bantu

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Is there vacancy for this “blockchain educator”?

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I’ld love to really become one of Bantu Blockchain educator. I’ve been into crypto since 2018 and I feel grinded


Bantu Xpansion: Bantu Expansion Representatives

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