Bot not recognizing my username

I just signed up for Bantupay and I’m trying to set up with the telegram bot and it says my username is not recognized. Does anyone know what could be responsible for this?


I think that’s a bug, hope the admin will take note of that and resolve the issue

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Hello @Hilenen.

Have you tried using lowercase characters while filling your details in the bot?
Also do not use '@’ in the username

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I did same but the issue is still the same

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I can add my BantuPay address later on my telegram dye.

I think the issue here is why will Bantutalk accept a username and the bot will say is not in database or already in use by someone else? If the name is not valid, Bantutalk suppose let the user know first

Okay. Are you on the Bantu Support telegram group? If yes, please post your question there as well as a screenshot of what the bot shows.
If no, please join:

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Check out this post I made am sure you’ll be fine once you read and do what you have read. Follow the link Bantutalk username glitch - #3 by shephard23

Have you seen this post? Follow the link Bantutalk username glitch - #3 by shephard23

I see the issue now and I have resolved it as well as make a post for those having same issue. Follow the link :point_right:

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