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What is livecoinwatch?
The world’s first real-time cryptocurrency price tracking web app. Monitor your portfolio 24/7 on your desktop with live updates direct from the exchanges. Live Coin Watch prices update every few seconds. Rank is determined by the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency, which is calculated by multiplying its volume weighted average price by its circulating supply. A coin/token must be trading on 2 exchanges and 3 markets to be ranked. Prices are pulled directly from exchanges. The price of an cryptocurrency is calculated by the volume weighted average of global market pairs that are traded on spot markets with trading fees. This means that the volume is directly correlated with how much influence it has over the global average price.
Livecoinwatch is for Cryptocurrencies users who need a real-time cryptocurrency price tracking web app to monitor their portfolio 24/7.


I just checked it out… This is awesome

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Me too. I also discover other coins too just now . Research things on point :writing_hand:t3::selfie:t5:

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